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Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Are Young Mp3 | Music Addict

We Are Young Mp3 | Music Addict

Monday, August 27, 2012

beru update

kepada teman blogger n warga facebook yang tengah baca aq punyer blog ni,.
erm......mesti kowang bosan tengok blog aq maklumlah aq da lama x update 
blog, bukan x naq update p aq x da masa naq update,...
erm arini aq kene jawab pekse 6 paper deret,...nasib baik la aq lulus, x larat dah wat repeat 
poning la aq lau repeat lagi,.....erm skung ni aq kene pikir pasal kerja kursus pulak...
erm harap - harap aq sempat buat kerja tu....(AMIN) 
k la kawan2 aq cau dulu bai..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

we are young

Do you remember me, cause I remember you
I was a little scared
I never knew what I could do
It was like a light
In the middle of the night when I realized
That fear was something I could lose
I'll never turn around anymore


We are young, we are free
You can run away with me
We are young, we are free
If you only believe
That everything is not so faraway
We are young, we are young, forever
Everywhere to go, everything to see
If you want to know
Just take my hand and come with me
Just another day, living my own way
If you take a chance
Then you'll have your fantasy
I'll never turn around, anymore


If you don't believe In all of your dreams
Then your fear will never go away
If you open your eyes I know you will see
That we're young and we are free